About Last Year

Yup I'm back, actually I'm not that busy, i just don't find any idea to share something with you. But suddenly i realise, I've through a lot of journeys,a lot of quality time, and unfortunately i can't tell every detail of it. I can say last year has to be such a "almost" plain year but in the last three months I had the best days in 2011. 

First of all, i had my first own business, culinary business, not a restaurant just a small traditional food stall, we can call it Angkringan. This project started on October and i didn't do it myself, I've joined my super ultimate 3 old friend to start this business, Adit, Dimas and Dian. We've found a lot of difficulties at the first but now we getting used of it, i hope this joy can last for a long time.

Then my college life? I've found a lot of new friends, created  group of bunch people consists of student from another faculty then we have some kind of project in Orphanage better call it Panti Asuhan ,(Orphanage reminds me of terrible horror movie, hate it, so much). This Panti Asuhan named Panti Asuhan Putri Kalasan, we enjoy help them there for a month. We've been welcomed very well there, I've got a lot of new sister there,teaching them, watching movie with them, have a great vacation with them but the most important is I've found a lot of great friends. I still can't believe we just met a month ago, but i remember some quotes: "Sometimes stranger can be your best friend and old friend can be your best enemy."

Emm then about my birthday party, i didn't celebrate it, i don't find any interest of celebrating that, how come you celebrate the day when your life getting shorter and shorter? Not funny though. New years eve? Overrated. I'd rather celebrate my long holiday after this last exam on January. Yeah I'm gonna have short trip to Bogor with KLASTIC on 22th on January. I hope everything going well according to plan.

Oh wait I've got my first futsal club's shirt with my name on it.. what a great feeling. I'm gonna do my best to with this club. This is promise.

That what i can say about my last three months... I'd rather meet up with you and tell you the story, it will be fun because actually I'm not a good story teller on my blog. See you in another post.. Gonna upload some my new shoots and my nu project..

NB: Damned I've just realised , Shout Mix isn't free anymore.. pfftt..

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