Fubuki Taijyu : My photograph is scenery of my daily life.

Fubuki Taijyu : My photograph is scenery of my daily life.

Hello, Another chance to interview one of Holga Inspire photographer , At this moment Taiju Fubuki gonna answer some of my questions..Lets see his answer

1.Hey Fubuki, How should i call you? can you introduce yourself?
I am a photograph and motion picture artist.
I had worked as TV camera man before.
I announce my photograph work. And I am managing the photograph gallery in

2.I heard you are the founder of Holga Kai, can you tell me the story about
Holga Kai?
I have been presiding over the HOLGA Kai association for 10 years.
I started it so that a lot of people might learn the interest of Toy Camera.
At first, they were 22 members. There are 2400 people now.

3.Who inspire your photo art?Can you tell me
I have not inspire to the work of a famous photographer.
I am expressing feelings generated from my inside as a photographer.
Therefore, there is no thing of being influenced in someone's photograph.

4.What photo object do you like most? why?
I am taking in the photograph everything that can be seen by my eyes.
But,I do not want to take a picture of the shape of object.

 This is a dog.
 This is a house.
 This is a my friend....

I think that do not approach in the truth still while taking a picture of
the shape of object.
In most cases, the thing that we wanted to take in the photograph is not

5.Can you give me 3 best photo concept you have done before?
The photograph where the thing that is not reflected in the photograph is

Feelings of the person who took a picture are not recorded in the

When choosing from among a lot of taken photographs, author's feelings are

It is my basic idea.

6.In Japan there are a lot of places with great object, which place do you
usually go and have a couple of shoot?
My photograph is scenery of my daily life.
I do not have the conception "Go out to take a picture of something in the
There is no necessity for going to good scenery point.
It only has to be able to show "I am alive now" in the photograph.

7.You're famous with your paper mask in Holga can you tell me a few story
about it?
Old HOLGA did not have 6x6 mask.
When I made 6x6 masku from paper, it has become defective mask by the design
The edge of the photograph is blurred.
However, it was a good effect.
It associated the projection screen of 8mm movie to which I had been
absorbed when I was a student.
It liked atmosphere that invited nostalgia.
However, the paper mask is not used now.
The reason for the concept in my photograph is not "nostalgic"

8.In your opinion, how to attract people with our photography art?
The thing that the story born with a memory of the photograph that I took
and the person who sees appears there is wonderful.

9.How to stay focus using toy camera include holga in advance level, i mean
maybe become proffesional photographer with holga?
HOLGA is an unkind camera for people.
Moreover,TIPS of the photograph is useless in HOLGA.
Important thought is "What" and "When".
It will make photographic artist's spirit strong.

10.Any Words for all toycam user in Indonesia?
The photograph was invented as "Technology to record".
Taking the photograph will become happier if it thinks how "Record" becomes

Fubuki Taijyu  is photographic artist and founder of Holga Kai,association of Holgagraphers in Japan . He is one of Holga Inspire Photographer too.

Visit him on

From Taiju

From Taiju

From Taiju

From Taiju

From Taiju

From Taiju

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