Durkin "GoHolga" : Sharing is Caring

 Durkin: Sharing is Caring
I've got very good chance to interview the founder of goholga.com .. take a look at  my interview if you wanna know what we're talking about.

1.Hello Go Holga!,can you describe to me what's Go Holga.com about?

Goholga.com is about sharing the love and vibe of an awesome camera and teaching people how to master using it. I also like to inspire people to get out and shoot more pictures, and share my photos that I have taken. Its just as much Holga info as I can possibly create!

2.If you don't mind, who's behind goholga.com? What first come in your mind before create goholga.com?

My name is Durkin and I came to invent goholga.com because I saw a niche for blogging about the camera. I had a lot of experience with the Holga already and decided that it was time to pass on the information that I knew. Sharing is caring.

3.Holga is such a fantastic plastic camera IMO, do you have your own opinion?

I agree, its a great camera and I love the flexibility of it. People use it in all sorts of different ways and that really is what photography should be about, especially lo-fi photography.

4.Beside Holga, what's your favorite ToyCamera?tell me why

I have lots of other cameras which you could classify as 'toys' because they are mainly plastic. A lot of them are unheard of and I've picked them up from charity shops or off ebay. I do have a soft spot for my Halina 150, but I can't find much information about them on the internet. Other than that I think the Diana Mini is a great little camera.

5.Someone ever said to me about Holga,"Holga is just a toy camera for an amateur who like having fun,not a proffesional one" what's your opinion about this?

My opinion would be that is their opinion and they are perfectly entitled to have it. I see no real commercial potential in the camera, other than selling the prints as art. If professional photographers want holga style shots for magazines etc, it would be easier, quicker and cheaper to just edit their digital shots instead.

6.Any funny experience while you using holga ?? Give me two funny experience If You don't mind..And what craziest thing you've done with holga?

Can't say I've really had any funny experiences with the camea, but the craziest thing I've done is sent one around the world to different people. That's one of the reasons goholga.com was developed in the first place. It was going to be a project, but then I developed it into a blog instead.

7.Let say, there's a new holga user ask your guide about using holga for the first time, what will you explain to him,?

There is a lot to explain. I would probably just show them the main problems new holga users get, such as leaving the shutter button on the B setting instead of N, and i'd how to set up the camera before each shot.

8.Common question, Film camera or digital camera? Why?

It really depends what you are using the camera for in my opinion. For industry a digital camera is an absolute must. You need to be able to analyse, edit and share quickly and this is very easy to do through the digital medium. Film is still a beatuful format though, and I will continue to use it for as long as it is affordable and availible.

9.When holga meet diana, which one is gonna win?why?
I don't think its really a competition, both the camears are very similar but from what I can see, the Holga is a lot easier to hack and therefore a little more flexible. I've never really had a proper go at a Diana though, I think they are a little expensive.

10.And last question...Do you have any message for all holga user in Indonesia?

The best way to get good with your Holga is to take it everywhere with you. Keep taking pictures and keep using film!

Thomas Durkin is a keen blogger and toy camera enthusiast from the UK that has been shooting for around four years. His main subject interests include Architecture, automation and nature.




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