She Fixed It Photo Archieve

Eda Pawestri Oktaviani
my comment:
save the best for the last,i always love to shoot her, i've been had session with her for 5 times

Placidia Carla Frezilia
My comment:
She have natural talent, if you need sporty girl, here she is..
Yashica t5 + fuji rms

Swastika Poppy Sari
my comment:
Small girl with high confindence, still can't believe she study archy

Yashica t5 + Gold 200

Clara Lintang Parisca
my comment:
She's such an easy going girl, she can understand what the photographer want,

use holga gn + velvia 50 ; Yashica t5 + gold 200

I've just had very great session with 4 young talents
and 1 great community i ever join
this session contain 2 different things which are girl and fixed gear
i dont want to talk much lets the photo talk

just klik this if you want to read my field report


  1. hye can I use these photos for my blogpost? just asking? I'll link, dont panic. :)