Cassandra Niki : A Good Picture Is A Picture That Could Tell A Story

Hello I’ve got a chance to interview my favourite photographer, Cassandra Niki.I call her Cassey(cute names isn’t it?). Although she usually shoot with digital camera,she also uses film camera too.So i'm going to ask her a lot of crazy question.Now lets enjoy my interview with her.
1.Hello Cassey can you introduce yourself and give 5 words about you?
Hi! I'm Cassandra Niki, my friends call me Cassey. I'm an experimental photographer, art student, and I'm also a book author. 5 words to describe me would be.. Umm.. Tiny, cheerful, friendly, perfectionist, & couch potato.
1.When do you started playing with film camera? Who introduce it to you?
Well, I started using a film camera since a very young age, back in the early 90s when pocket cameras were still my mom's most have object. Her passion of always capturing every scene in my childhood was what brought me into having interest with photography.
2.What is photography for you? can you explain it?
I don't know how to define photography theoretically right. But I'd say, photography is an art of capturing moments into a single frame. For me, it's a way of putting art, landscapes, emotions, & moments into a 2 dimensional form picture.
3.Have you ever heard this sentence "Don't think just shoot"? What do you think about it? Give your opinion.
Of course. I believe I've heard that sentence in a lomography ad, also have read it practically everywhere, as photography is very common nowadays. I think it's exactly the perfect idea for those who love photography. Photography isn't about theories, it isn't just about what gadget you have, the shutter speed settings, or whatever angle to take a photo. In the end, what counts is how the photo looks. Why think too much when it could be simple? Just feel. And click.
4.What is good picture for you? Can you give your explain your definition about good picture?
Hmm. A good picture is a picture that could tell a story to whoever is viewing it. A picture that contains emotion is a fantastic picture.
5.Which one do you prefer? analogue or digital camera? why?
To be frank, I truly prefer analogue cameras because it has a surprise factor and whatever the results are, they're results of randomness and not knowing. But digital cameras are easier and simpler I guess. Bad photo? Delete. Isn't that easy? So, I won't be picky and choose one after another. Both are pretty useful for me.
6.Everyone should have their biggest influence,what's your biggest influence in photography?
My biggest influence would be movies. I'm a movie buff. When I watch DVDs, I tend to pause favorite scenes and think to myself what an awesome photo it might be if it were a photo. Usually, I get inspired after watching a movie. Oh, also music. And of course, other awesome photographers out there.
7.Do you have favourite film cameras ? why do you like it?
So far, my favorite would be those "no brand" 90s pocket cameras that could be bought nowadays for under $10 or IDR 100,000 at not so well-known camera stores on random streets. Or those yellow disposable cameras. I love those.
8.So if you have chance to choose hollywood artist to be your photo model which one do you choose?why?? and how do you dresses her/him?and what's the concept for the photo session?
Oh man, what a hard question! If John Lennon was still alive I'd love to photograph him with no concept at all. I'd love to come over to his place at watch him do whatever he does while taking photos of his awesomeness.
9.What people think about your shoot and your hobby?
Umm. I'm not sure what people think. You tell me.
10.If Justin bieber come to you and asks you to photograph him,how many payment do you ask?
I won't ask much. But I'd ask for his kind words about me, so I might get a chance to take photos of his other celebrity friends and earn more money. Hahaha.
11.Whats your favourite photo object?why?
People. Because people are emotive. And capturing emotion is my passion.
12.Do you have any crazy dream that you haven't reach in your life or maybe crazy imagination about your next photo's shoot?
I have a dream that one day I'll be a respected film director well-known worldwide for my beautiful works of visual art. It's crazy. But dreaming doesn't hurt anyone :-p
13.Do you have any embrassing moment when you playing with you camera?
Hahaha can't remember. So far, I don't think so. Perhaps embarrassing photos of me are pretty much shameful enough. And those photos are all over the internet if you're keen enough to find em.
14.So what are you doing beside playing with your camera?
I write. I'm a book author and I write as my part time job. Other than that, I go to school and be normal like everybody else.
15.Can you give 3 words for all my reader?
3 words? Photography is momentum, expression, and just beautiful art.

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Cassandra Niki (21) is a photographer and writer. She has finished publish her own book Letters, Story, and Dream. Now studying Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) to stuy under photography majority.One of the good and young talent talent that exist on Indonesia. Support Her!