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The Yashica Electro 35 GSN is a coupled-rangefinder, leaf-shuttered 35mm camera with aperture-priority automatic exposure. It retailed in 1973 for ¥29,500. The exchange rate was approx ¥292/US$1in 1975 so that comes out to US$119. Taking inflation into account with the AIER calculator, that's $400 in 2002 dollars. By the end of the model run in 1980, the yen-dollar rate had plummeted to about ¥200/$ but inflation in the U.S. intervened which made it $175 in 1980 or $381 in 2002 dollars.

The Electro 35 GSN was released in 1973 by Yashica. The serial number of my first body is #H6913xx and it has a "Made in Hong Kong" stamped on the bottom. The lens is a Color-Yashinon DX 1:1.7 f=45mm lens made in Japan. The lens on the camera really sparkles and is excellent in low-light..

The Yashica GSN traces its lineage to the Yashica Lynx of 1960 (actually the Yashica 35 of 1958 is earlier, but the family resemblance is further). With the Electro 35 in 1968, the series added the new Copal-Electro shutter, which was electromagnetically controlled. The GSN is the last of the large bodied Electro series. There was a series of compact bodied Electros - the GL, GX, and ML1- but these were relatively short lived. Only the GSN enjoyed the tremendously long run of 17 years.


i purchased this camera 2 days ago,now im waiting for this camera.Just wait for my shoot.

nb: I bought the wide lens too


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