Interview with Michel Jones (Known as Mijonju)

Finally I’ve got a chance to interview Michel Jones, well known as Mijonju,the owner of from Japan.He is one of my favourite photographer and collector,but he prefer to be called camera’s lover.So let me tell you the result of the interview.Here we are..

Me : Hello Mijonju,finally we can have an interview session, ha?(we cancelled the interview so many times,because both of us busy)

Mijonju : Hello actually im always online, but invisible because people will start asking me things.

Me : Wow you’re so famous brother,people know you well!

Mi : No no (laugh of loud), I wish im famous

Me : So,how do you describe yourself?
Mi : My real name is Michel Jones ,im korean, chinese, small fraction of italian russian.. now i live in japan with my wife . Korean and chinese is larger portion of my blood.

Me : That’s very complicated,absolutely complicated.

Mi : I’m very international,But I’m not kidding.Thats why i dont explain my originality, because i dont have 1.

Me : Wow,can you explain more about it? I’m interested to know it,

Mi : I’ve been travelling since 5, I’ve been to indnonesia for holiday,(Bintan)

Me : Wow you have very great adventure experience I think,so can you tell me,what’s make you travel all around the world?

Mi : My parents work around the world thats all.

Me : Why do you choose photography world?

MI : I used to draw, in my art class, but drawing is slow, without a good memory, my brain cannot remember, or capture the image that i find interesting.I can still draw pretty well, but with items that doesn’t move. My mother was a photographer and my Dad worked for Kodak before he started his own business.

Me : Which one? analogue or digital?

Mi : analogue for now. since full frame sensors are still not communized. I like the grain and depth in the film and you wont waste shots because you think before you shoot.

Me : so you dont agree with the sentence " dont think just shoot" ?

Mi : that is total bull shit. i hate their rules. they just wanna sell more film. dont think just shoot is for digital cameras.hahaha

Me : What’s your favourite camera?

Mi : have a lot of Favorite cameras, but im just going to name my top 3 just to make things simple.1st Place. Konica c35 FD (aka “Konica Auto S3″ its the same camera only in japan its labeled C35 FD).2nd Place. Canon QL17 GIII.3rd Place. Fuji Natura Black F1.9 ( some compact FULL FRAME f1.9 camera)( “now the small ass sensor ricoh gr3 can f*k off” as we all no small area of light capture = small depth in focus)

Me :Wow nice review! So what’s your current activity right now?

Mi : I used to be a freelance designer.Now i work on my own, get cameras from japan and selll them to other countries . now i made an online shop. and i review some cameras. In the future i will be making videos on where to find cameras in japan. I’ll go out with a bike. You can visit my page

Me : Do you have other hobby beside playing with you camera and your job?

Mi : Apart from photography I do inline skate and drawing.Oh I do playing Kendama too!.

Me : Well that’s interesting,I’m gonna ask, you,you live in japan,i think the living cost there is high,do you feel comfortable?

Mi : I’m used to it ,I’m pretty comfortable here.

Me : Whats people around you thin bout your hobby? Playing with stuff like camera..

Mi : They think is fun, but not much of them are interested. They prefer video games, arcade center and clubbing, I think they spend more money then i do. They spend around 60 -70 usd a night at clubs. So you could have shot 3 packs of Polaroid films for a week.

Me : Whats make you love photography world?

Mi : I would like to say i've always wanted to have special power and maybe the coolest power is to have the ability to stop time.,not move back and forth. just at 1 moment stop time and i have the power now with my camera.: the sound the smell,the action,the feeling,the moment,just like hari cartier said:”its the decisive moment”.
Thats why i like photography. it gives me the power.i like cameras because many of them have their power and the camera's design itself is amasing work of arts.

Me : Then how many cameras do you have?

MI : I think right now I have 36, ( I interviewed him last 2 months,maybe he added more-)

Me : What’s the good and the bad point from your hobby?

Mi : Good point makes me happy, gives me a reason to live, bad points, consume money

Me : Whats the best experience you ever had with your cam?

Mi : i was spying on a girl, when i wanted to snap, she looked into the camera .I’m looking for the shot, about the girl looking over. I was emberredd emberresed.I didnt know what to do ,very strange moment.

Me : Okay,any word for all camera lover?

Mi : Like what I always said in my page,video and etc . “i love cameras like a fat boy who loves chocolates cakes”.

Me : Thank you Mijonju for the time!

Mi : You’re welcome brother.

I did'nt put Mijonju's shoot because i suggest you to visit his page,So much photos there

Look at his SUPER yummy collections


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  1. Interesting interview!
    I am fan of Mijonju's photography! He got me interested in Lomography and analogue cameras back again.