New friend of mine

Well its a good news! I've just got my new diana and I will use it with my Holga and y other favourite camera (elikon 535 and lca)
My new diana is an original one.It has made in Hongkong and not a "lomography" ones. Yes it is a PURE DIANA AND didn't have lomography sign at the camera.
We can say the camera is older than me -____-"

enjoy the little review from flickr

Diana (original)

The Diana. The original 1960's plastic fantastic camera from the Great Wall Plastic Company in Kowloon, Hong Kong. A roll of 120 medium format film nets you 16 4cmx4cm negatives. Fixed shutter of about 1/100th of a second or Bulb, three selectable apertures of f/11, f/13, and f/19, and a simple zone focusing system. I think the only thing on the camera that isn't made of plastic is the silver metal ring around the end of the lens and the levers sticking out of the barrel. These cameras, much like their ideological offspring the Holga, are renowned for their total lack of quality control which exhibits itself in light leaks, bizarre lens aberrations and unpredictable color rendition...which is exactly why photographers seek them out for certain applications. Despite being out of production for over 30 years now LSI has been making cameras based on the Diana and marketing them as part of their "Lomo philosoph

"I forgot to mention. lomography is also over pricing these things. the pricks"



  1. Halo..halo mas unggul..kok bisa sih dapat dari Hongkong langsung..gimana ceritanya??Btw, I like the way you costume your blog...very original of you...dari ria di Surabaya....

  2. huhauah thx to kaskus :D
    THX for visiting :D