Interview with Pauline ST.Dennis (Holgagrapher)

Howdy Partner!I'm back with my interview with my favourite holga's photographer!,Pauline St.Dennis. Enjoy my awkward interview!

Bat: How's people call you?
Pauline: Pauline

B: why do you have interest on photography ?
P: I have always loved film and the nature of film. I also appreciate the arts music culture cinematography

B: So which one,analogue or digital?
P : I appreciate both for different reasons. I think film is more emotional,So ill say analogue and there is a place for digital in the commercial world.

B: Okay ,"Dont think just shoot" have you ever hear this sentence before? give an opinion about it?
P: Yes, i think its better to think and then to shoot to have an idea of the result in your head before you start and that concept can change through the process.I rarely shoot for "fun"

B: What do you reach after you finally get a great shoot or capture rare moment??
P: I like the camera because it doesnt think for me. because of its limitations fixed shutter,focus and f stop you can do anything you want with t once you understand how it works. your not limited by a traditional frame. I feel great satisfaction when I have created an unusual or beautiful image.

B: What is your other interest beside photography?

P: I have other intersts. i enjoy the time i spend with my husband. i like food wine movies and my beautiful black siamese cats.i also live in manhattan and that's a crazy wonderful place. i look forward to spending time in the country and at the beach!

B: Do you have any dream that you haven’t reach?

P: my dream mmm Id love to have the ability and the cash to spend more time way from manhattan and to do more creative projects with film. I also would like to contribute more time to causes such as environmental and animal conservation. Im very interested in preserving tigers,lions and great cats who are facing exstinction even the humble donkeys. i hate seeing animal abused or ignored

B: What’s your fav camera?

P:holga because its perfect. its cheap- and it is a magic Camera .Other than the holga I love canon systems -nikon lenses and view camera's.i like the holga with the hotshoe on the top and no flash. i prefer to add commercial flashes like profotos with the use of a pcketwizard or synccord adapter. pocket wizard is a remote which triggers a profotoflash unit which has 1200-24004200 watts

B: What;s people around you think and comment about your interest in plastic camera?
P: They love it. somepeople dismiss it as a toy and others like us are in a "cult" its a special thing
.A lot of people cant believe I make the images i do with out photoshop.Everything you see in my pictures are done in camera not in post production.

B: I know it,you do excellent job,hmm,any bad and good experience when you're taking a picture?

P: always good -bad experiences... i enjoy the process.

B: eng maybe the bad experience" you forget to take off the lens cap" or "you fall into the pool when taking a picture
P: Thank you for the compliment.I find peope and productions always have limitations you just have to work with them to get the result youre trying to achieve keep shooting!

well after shooting fr 30 years ive gotten the hang of it. i think the advice i got when I was young is really the best. prepare everything the same. pack your bag the same way. load your film the same way do it until you no longer have to think about it. i dont use lenscaps who can keep that stupid little cap or those dumb metal bars get a roll of gaffers tape and a black bag and go.. photography is a repaticios process its used to reproduce images the more you remeber what you did the more likely you are to repeat it. its good to get a "cool picture" but if you cant remeer what you did to take it how can you repeat it.?

Use a notebook until you dont have to a light meter or strobe meter is a great tool. ive found that you need at least an exposure of 8.5 to get an exposure. i use e6 based film so you can push and pull the film.i dont like negative film prefer positive

B: so can we say that photography have became half part of your life isn't it? when do you first have interest on photography?
P: When I was 4 yrs old and then again in highschool id say when I was my first camera at 4

B: What's camera?
P: Little plastic one sinclair gas station used to give out. i dont remeber the camera but it did melt in the car. yes i first shot with a diana in college and then found holga later

B: what;s the good and the bad point of your career in photography?
P: The good and bad. the money! it is very expensive to shoot film and it always has been . its a very addictive medium.also very competitive if you choose to do it commercially and many people do not understand the intrinsic beauty of our friend "holga"
so it is our mission to spread the world.

B: ITS A MUST mrs.pauline people must know that they should never underestimate lo-fi camera
P: Exactly lo fi allows you the artist- to make choices and to control the medium to your desires. as I said before keep shooting!

B: who's inspire you ?what's your biggest influence?

B: Any words for all toycam lovers?
P: I would love to visit one day and keep shooting with intention...remember how you shot an image and enjoy!

thank you

Pauline ST.Dennis is commercial photographer based in NewYork.Pauline has shot photographs for twenty years for advertising, fashion, celebrity, and fine arts industries.She is famous for his Holga's multi exposure techniques.Visit her site

Image@PaulineStDennis allrights reserved

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